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NOVA SCOTIA - the first AllChimes trip pre-advertised over the internet.  Except for the last 3 churches, the schedule was reasonably well met.  Many surprises.

Tower visit time:  (usually visits take less than an hour, first two took several hours)

Sunday, June 30, 2002 - arrived Saturday night by by Cat ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine,  visited Holy Trinity Anglican,Yarmouth        Manual -  WT-11-1908 , 61 William St, B5A 1V5, 902-742-5054,  chimer, Pat Nickerson, husband Randall as helper. . Has hairclips with numbers on them for sequence of tunes.  They are in the lower center picture.   Well prepared.  Quite ingenious.  Plays20-25 tunes quite continuously before service.   She showed us tower vandalism in diamond shaped glass where  vandal Edwin  A. Meneely had etched his signature.



Monday -  visit St. Johns Anglican, Lunenburg, which burned on Halloween 2001.  Peter Allen, chimer has taken over the restoration of the chimes and chimestand.  In a most amazing display, he has created mechanical drawings of the chimestand from pictures and ashes.  The cracked tenor and nine others are sitting at a local foundry, waiting to go to Meeks and Watson for tenor recasting and others to be tuned.  The church has been covered and enclosed by canvas, stretched in equal widths up, over and down shaped metal pipes.  Never seen anything like it. Copy of dedication program is at  NYS Museum, Albany, NY, box 12-1 F5, dedicated by F P Lotz. 




Tuesday  - Halifax, totally unprepared because I did not know of the great Halifax Explosion of Dec. 6, 1917, when a munitions ship blew up in the harbor and leveled the city.  EVERY church was destroyed.  Have since read that history and will revisit at some time.  How this was handled is beyond imagination.  Barrington, Willow, Young streets and Fort Needham  become historically meaningful.   Anyone even anticipating coming here should read this history in order to appreciate what they see and want to see here.


 Halifax         EI-18-1967  St Agnes RC Church,6903 Mumford RD B3L 2H4, 902-454-8200,, Automatically controlled from box in office, 


Halifax       GJ-13-recast 1920 (original unknown at this time) St. Johns United Church, 6225 Willow,  mnl carillon keyboard, bells in next level, neat transmission system.



Halifax        GJ-11-recast 1920 St Marys Basilica, 6541 Coburg Rd or 1508 Barrington St,      B3J 1Z3, 902-423-4116,, apparently a previous set from 1879, unknown maker cracked 1917 in great Halifax explosion.  Spiral staircase, el-kb, bells above, very clean, did not meet chimer.



Halifax           TY-10-1921 United Memorial Church, 5350 Young St,  B3K 1Z4, 902-454-0508, bells now at Fort Needham, can be controlled from church.  Don't know if they were originally installed there or moved there at a later date.   No one at church, continued on. 

Headed back to Yarmouth and the Scotia Prince to Portland, Maine.  Will visit other chimes later now that I have a feeling for the province and the long driving distances.  People, food and accommodations could not have been better.

Still to visit:

Sydney MS-10-1911 St Andrews Presbyterian Church, 3 Queen & Main, B1V 1K4, 902-736-6394,  (Pastor) Electrified.

Truro                 WT-10-1906 St Johns Anglican , 23 Church, B2N 5B0, 902-893-2532,, Cathy Boudreau, chimer

Logistics for meeting: A meeting of all chimers seems impractical.  The feeling I get is that you should feel free to contact and meet with any chimer on an individual basis.

Your input:  AllChimes is meant to be a  living, breathing, learning resource for chimers and chime custodians.  Your input on the results and my conclusions and comments on this incomplete, somewhat successful trip is invited.

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